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        "Get Original Performance"
        Ending obsolescence with ingenuity


        Services for Commercial, Industrial and Military Applications

        For over 20 years U.S. Technologies has been providing the highest quality electronics design, manufacturing, engineering, testing, repair and refurbishment services from complete finished units down to the component level. As Design and Manufacturing experts, working closely with the customer, we develop and build high voltage power supplies.

        Repair/ Testing

        • 100% total testing to OEM specifications for all units utilizing ATE (automated test equipment)
        • Quicker test and repair turnaround time than the OEM
        • Fully automated, documented test procedures for consistency
        • Legacy specialists…no matter the age of the equipment we can test and repair
        • Providing re-design/modifications/upgrades to improve product

        Engineering and Manufacturing Services


        • Test engineering services and test fixture manufacturing
        • Reverse Engineering to assist where minimal or no documentation exists

        End of Life Support

        • Comprehensive Inventory Source for obsolete and legacy products
        • Capability to service/support and manufacture products for many years after the OEM has discontinued
        • Dedicated team of component sourcing professionals to ensure compliance
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