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        "Get Original Performance"
        Ending obsolescence with ingenuity

        Military and Government

        US Technologies Military Services

        Our goal is to provide you ongoing support well after the product is no longer supported by the OEM. Through a dedicated obsolescence program we provide a viable alternative to aging defense systems.

        As Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) or obsolescence concerns rise, UST is able to provide a comprehensive Inventory Source for New and Refurbished Products. In addition services such as reverse engineering and manufacturing along with component sourcing provides critical support by significantly extending the product life cycle. We have the engineering, manufacturing and repair capacity to manage multi-year contracts.

        US Technologies team of seasoned professionals have extensive experience with but not limited to :

        • Airborne/Ground Based Radar Systems - LNA, Synthesizers, HV Power Supplies, TX Modules, Shaft Angle Encoders, Antennae
        • AntennaeAvionics - NAV/COM
        • Communication Systems - UHF, VHF, Wireless, ISM, VSAT
        • Multi-Threat Emitter Simulators (MUTES, Mini-MUTES)
        • Nuclear Hardened Systems
        • Electronic Warfare - Custom test systems, Electronic Jamming

        We have the capability to repair/rebuild and manufacture subassemblies contain within and much more:

        AN/TPS-75  AN/FPS-115  AN/FRC-178  AN/FSQ-114
         AN/FYQ-109  AN/TPX-54  AN/SPS-64  AN/DPS-5
         AN/MSQ-T43  AN/GKC-1  AN/GSQ-238  AN/GSQ-235
         AN/MSR- T4  AN/MSQ-118  AN/MST-T1  AN/MPQ-T3
        AN/TPS-63  AN/TPS-43E  AN/ALQ-131  AN/ALQ119



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