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        "Get Original Performance"
        Ending obsolescence with ingenuity

        Industry Focus

        Providing Subassembly Services Across Industries

        “Moving Yesterday’s Technology Forward”

        U.S. Technologies' reputation for reliability, customer support, responsiveness and quality workmanship is well known amongst leading companies across a very broad spectrum of industries. Along with our Full logistics management in place we have the ability to have a fast turn around time for all our clients both in the United States and abroad.

        Some of the industries for which we have a vast knowledge base on Power Supply repair, design, reverse engineering and Manufacturing are;

        • Semiconductor
        • Industrial Automation
        • Telecommunications
        • Nuclear
        • Medical
        • Transportation
        • U.S. Military
        • or other Commercial applications

        Customer Care

        Our Customer Care team provides fast, detailed responses to your inquires. Our services puts us ahead in the industry and with our professional, very qualified customer service staff we ensure your inquiry gets done with efficiency and in a timely manner.

        For more information, please contact the customer care team at 1800- 234-0862 or (201) 475- 8700


        Industry Focus

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