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        "Get Original Performance"

        We Keep Power Supplies Running

        Learn more about US Technologies Power Supply
        Commercial Services
        • Repair, Engineering, Re-Design and Manufacturing support for all power supplies
        • No Charge Product Evaluations
        • Cost effective, Quality driven programs to fit all budgets
        • Full warranty Coverage
        • Service Contracts available to ensure long term support
        • Highly competitive pricing
        More on commercial services
        Military Services
        • DMSMS Specialists
        • Manufacturing, Re-design, Reverse Engineering and Build to Print
        • Modernization through C.O.T.S
        • MICAP Repair - Domestic and FMS
        • Complete repair and full functional testing
        • Support for Multi-year contracts
        • CAGE Code: 1D8S5
        More on military services

        Legacy Support

        • Full service support for older, out of warranty power supplies
        • Extensive inventory of parts to support older equipment for many years
        • Seasoned, highly trained certified technicians to ensure the best quality service
        • Full Functional Testing
        • Extremely competitive pricing
        • We have one of the largest inventories of legacy product for sale in the country
        • Supporting legacy product through repair, engineering, re-design and manufacturing
        Learn more about legacy support

        Design & Engineering

        • We can take your older power supply, regardless of complexity, voltage or age and redesign and manufacture a compatible, more robust replacement
        • Providing cost-effective redesign and reverse engineering for commercial and military customers.
        • Our project management team works closely with the customer to ensure milestones are  maintained for timely delivery
        • Extensive warranty on all manufactured product
        • Complete environmental and full functional testing
        Learn more about design and engineering
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