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        "Get Original Performance"
        Ending obsolescence with ingenuity
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        Design & Engineering

        Embedded Systems Design, Engineering & Manufacturer

        Our Design & Engineering Team Concentrates in Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing and test system development.  

        Hardware Engineering Design Expertise

        • Power Supplies (Military & Commercial)
        • High Voltage (>20KV) modularized systems
        • Power distribution for printed circuit boards (DC/DC)

        System Engineering Design Expertise

        • Communications Systems
        • Wireless (TX & RX systems)
        • Complete Link Budget Analysis from Receiver
        • Demodulation
        • Satellite
        • Digital Communication Theory
        • Avionics
        • Military EW
        • High Voltage Systems
        • Complete Custom Testing Solutions & Systems
        • Re-Engineer of Modules for Military




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