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        "Get Original Performance"

        About us

        The leaders In Power Supply Support

        When US Technologies began in 1986 our foundation was built on providing high quality repair and testing services resource to commercial/industrial companies as well as the United States Military that needed significant support for end of life, out of production and legacy electronic subassemblies.

        UST provides a single-source solution for legacy power supply repair and testing concerns. We utilize the same state of the art testing fixtures as the original equipment manufacturer to ensure the highest quality testing after repair. As a industry leader in power supply repair and testing we provide support for virtually all brands and voltages no matter the age or complexity of the product.


        • Medical
        • Military
        • Semiconductor
        • Industrial Automation
        • Transportation
        • Telecommunications
        • Nuclear

        Our unique blend of engineers from a variety of backgrounds gives US Technologies the advantage to provide complete repair and full functional testing support on an extensive line of product. Over the years we have engineered and built thousands of complex test sets which allows US Technologies to go well beyond point to point or contract manufacture type testing...we test to OEM-like conditions which shows manufacturing and functionality defects such as corrupt firmware, hung-up address and data bits and memory issues.


        ISO 9001:2000 CertifiedQuality Assurance

        American Society for QualityAs a member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), we are committed in maintaining the highest quality standards available to our industry. In order to achieve this goal, our repair, testing, lab and module handling procedures are constantly evaluated and audited by third party sources.

        U.S. Technologies is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Please click here to view certificate

        Customer Care

        Our Customer Care team provides fast, detailed responses to your inquires. Our services puts us ahead in the industry and with our professional, very qualified customer service staff we ensure your inquiry gets done with efficiency and in a timely manner.

        For more information, please contact the customer care team at 1 (800) 234-0862 or (201) 475- 8700


        About U.S. Technologies

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